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On the 14th of October 2011 the UP PINT (University of Primorska, Primorska Institute for Natural and Technical Sciences) in Koper was renamed to the University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM). As from this date the Institute legally operates under the new name (hereinafter referred to as UP IAM). UP PINT was founded in 1999 as an independent public research institution and as such registered in the register of the District Court of Koper on the 27th of September 1999.

UP IAM carries out fundamental and applied research, is involved in international scientific cooperation, and establishes connections with similar organizations around the world, in line with its development program. With its researchers, habilitated teachers and assistants, UP IAM is involved in educational activities of the University of Primorska (UP) and cooperates with members and Associated members of the UP in designing proposals for new courses and new programs of UP, as well as in establishing new faculties.

Through its researchers and staff, UP IAM engages in public debates on important social issues that are taking place in the realm of daily politics, and of professional and general public.


The mission of UP IAM

Natural sciences and technology are foundations on which industry is based, therefore their high quality development is of strategic importance. In the UP, UP FAMNIT and UP IAM are responsible for development of natural sciences and technology. Both institutions are committed to making continuous efforts towards excellent work quality and to persisting in their efforts to move closer to the top of the scientific world. Being on top entails not only being successful within one field, but requires an excellent interdisciplinary performance, which involves working beyond traditional and sharp divisions among the basic areas of human science (natural sciences, technology, social sciences, and humanities). Basic questions of humankind are simply too complex to allow for answers only using tools or through the perspective of a single scientific discipline. Therefore, both institutions seek primarily to develop a single, uniform or linked science.

The research activities are organized into four research and development units: Department of Technology, Department of Mathematics, Department of Information Science and Technologies, and Department of Health Study.

Department of Information Science and Technologies conducts research on data structures, data mining, large-scale distributed GRID architectures, and other. At the Department of Mathematics research is carried out mainly in algebra, combinatorics and graph theory with probability theory. The research work of both departments is embedded in the field of mathematical modeling and computer simulations, experimental economics and study of social systems. Both units integrate scientific computing in different areas of natural sciences, from chemistry to bioinformatics. In addition to these topics, the students who participate in research projects can gain insight in the areas of electronic data security - cryptography, data protection and computer security.

The core activity of the Department of Technology is environment protection and the technology associated with it. The department cooperates well with industry and various Slovenian institutes, with the main focus in practical development-oriented research. Students are encouraged to get involved in various ways in the research work within the department. They can help in carrying out measurements with our own measurement instruments, in in-situ measurements of air pollution using the latest technologies, in developing software support for the analysis and display of results of air pollution measurements, in upgrading software to support the implementation of measurements using lidar system, in the mathematical-statistical modelling, in solving various logistical and combinatorial problems, etc.

Department of Health Study operates in the field of mental health research (suicidology, psychology) and e-health.

On the 14th of March 2011, based on the decision of Scientific Council, Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research was established within UP IAM. This is the first centre of this kind in Slovenia.The initiator of this idea was Professor Dr. Diego De Leo, who wanted to continue the work of his late colleague Assoc. Professor Dr. Andrej Marušič, and proposed the establishment of an independent unit within the UP IAM:  “Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research" (SCSR). With the establishment of the centre, two main topics will be adressed: understanding and prevention of suicide, both essential subjects of clinical research work. One of the research groups at the UP IAM has been already working in this field for several years, thus immediately upon the establishment, the SCSR was included in EU and national projects, and initiated  a number of innovative approaches in suicidology. This way, the SCSR is realizing its mission: "to provide high quality research for better understanding and interpretation of suicidal behavior, which will contribute to the prevention of suicides and to a better support of those who lose their loved ones due to suicide."

Through its research activity, UP IAM is involved in the local, regional, national and international environment in a broad sense. UP IAM works with local enterprises and industry (Luka Koper dd, Koper Municipality, Harpha Sea) and with industry at the regional and national level (Result Ltd, Parsek, Abelium Ltd.). UP IAM cooperates with the universities of Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica, as well as with other institutions. At the international level, it cooperates with a number of universities abroad (Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and USA).

The involvement of UP IAM at the regional, national and international level was obtained mostly through its implementation of environmental, chemical and technological studies. Based on these projects, UP IAM was authorized in 2009 by the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) to carry out operational monitoring - evaluation of the overall burden of ambient air with respect to the amount of particles PM10.

The vision of UP IAM

The most important parts of the vision of UP IAM can be summarized as follows:

  • To become a regional, national and global center for certain important areas of natural sciences and technology, and to establish close partnership links with industry and with it a common technological development park.
  • To reach about 40 SCI publications per year.
  • To add a technical (engineering) unit for works with robotics and cyber systems.
  • To carry out and develop, in collaboration with UP FAMNIT, study programs in natural sciences, biopsychology, suicidology and technology.
  • To continue with the development of constitutional and other legal aspects of the above mentioned sciences, at the same time continuing its work in the field of human rights and freedoms.
  • To confirm that expectations are being met by implementing regular external evaluations.


Department of Mathematics

One of the four major global centres for algebraic graph theory operates within UP FAMNIT and UP IAM. The reputation of the members of the department is evident for example by the organization of the international scientific conference "Bled ’11 - 7th Slovenian International Conference on Graph Theory" - the largest conference in the field of graph theory in the world, which was attended by nearly 300 researchers from 42 different countries (including leading world experts). In the week after the conference in Bled, a doctoral PhD summer school Algebraic Graph Theory Summer School in Rogla was organized, with over 80 participants from 19 countries.

Department of Mathematics has a high international reputation, which is evident from the number of citations of their scientific works, number of invitations to the various prestigious universities abroad, as well as from the fact that each year we host a number of scientists from abroad (in 2011 we hosted researchers from Australia, Canada, China, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Slovakia, Russia, USA, ...). In 2011, one member of the department went on a five months training at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the USA, and another member carried out a five-month stay at Ohio State University funded by a Fulbright scholarship.

Members of the Department are also active in popularization of mathematics. They participate in the organization of summer schools at UP FAMNIT, series of popular mathematical lectures “Excursions into Mathematical Universe”, and deliver layman lectures at Slovenian primary and secondary schools.

Regarding research projects, the year 2011 was extremely successful for the Department of Mathematics. They got two ARRS projects, two post-doctoral projects, two young researcher grants, an EU funded project, eight projects promoting Slovenian mathematics abroad, two bilateral projects with the USA, a bilateral project with Hungary and a bilateral project with South Korea. Currently the Department carries out one research program, three basic research projects, a European project on mathematics, which for the first time is coordinated from Slovenia - EuroGiga ESF project (, 2 post-doctoral projects and 16 bilateral projects. Members of the Department are also involved in numerous projects carried out by other departments at UP IAM. Currently they are training three young researchers; in October 2012 two new young researchers will be joining.

Department of Technology

The Department of Technology is actively involved in the research regarding the problem of environmental pollution, the understanding of which requires an involvement of several disciplines and research areas. In addition to ecological aspects, also economic, social and technical aspects need to be taken into consideration. Of particular importance is a proper, prompt and effective informing of the public. For this purpose, we developed a system for comprehensive presentation of meteorological information and data on air pollution (TARU). The measured data can be accessed and are displayed via sampling meteorological stations through presentational environmental systems and through the Internet. These measurements have been carried out for several years for the needs of the Port of Koper, and for the Municipality of Koper.

Department of Information Science and Technology

Department of Information Science and Technology (DIST) is actively involved in research and teaching in the following areas of theoretical and applied computer science:

  • formal languages​​, automata, computability,
  • data structures and algorithms,
  • optimization methods, approximate methods, NP-hard problems,
  • Intelligent systems, data mining and machine learning,
  • identifying, analyzing and understanding patterns, statistical modeling,
  • computer security and biometric technologies.

Department of Health Study

Department of Health Study was established in 2007 at the initiative of Assoc. Professor Dr. Andrej Marušič. It was established as a response to the lack of research and projects in the area of mental health in Slovenia, and as a counterweight to the stigma of mental disorders. Topics of research in the department are: mental disorders, mental health, suicidiology, and workplace environment improvement.

Interconnectedness of the departments

In the year 2011, UP IAM strengthened notably the interdisciplinary integration of its departments - Department of Technology and Department of Information Science and Technologies jointly participate in projects related to environmental protection, Department of Information Science and Technologies and Department of Health collaborate in the field of e-health. Department of Mathematics, with its operation and essential knowledge, assists all departments and their projects.

Current Projects

Title: On the problem of existence of semiregular elements in 2-closed transitive groups, with application in vertex transitive graphs

Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: Basic research project deals with the problem of  semiregular elements in 2-closed transitive groups, with applications to vertex transitive graphs.
Project duration: 1st May 2009 – 30th April 2012

Title: SUMOFIN - Monitoring the effectiveness of health service funding model (CRP)
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: within the frame of the project, we will  develop and test on pilot data the model for monitoring the effectiveness and the performance of healthcare providers. This can be used as a intelligent business tool, and can be used at the national level, to the benefit of both the health service provider and the patient(payer of the services).
Project duration: 1st October 2010 – 30th September 2012

Title: E-support for health of care (Applied Research Project)
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs:  Determine, with the use of a  newly developed services for ICT-support to the process of treatment in clinical studies, the (presumably positive) effects on the healing process of chronic diseases: asthma, diabetes and schizophrenia.
Project duration: 1st May 2010 – 30th April 2013

Title: Processing of large amounts of geometric LIDAR data (Applied Research Project)

Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: LIDAR technology allows fast capturing of geometric data in a large geographical area with high precision and resolution.
Project duration: 1st May 2010 – 30th April 2013

Title: Algebra, discrete mathematics, probability and game theory
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The research program combines three areas of mathematics: algebra, combinatorics and graph theory with probability theory. Through mathematical modelling and computer simulations, it touches upon experimentaleconomics and the study of social systems.
Project duration: 1st January 1999 – 31st December 2013

Title: Computer intensive methodsin theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics, combinatorial optimization, and numerical analysis and algebra with applications in natural and social sciences
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: This project examines the  intensive calculation methods in theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics, combinatorial optimization, and numerical analysis and  algebra, with application in natural and social sciences.
Project duration: 1st January 1999 – 31st December 2013

Title: Metrology and Biometric Systems
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: In the field of biometric security systems, we focused mainly on developing necessary infrastructure and obtaining experimental recordings of different types of biometric data. We solved difficult problems of capturing biometric palm prints, signatures and preparing appropriate data structures.
Project duration: 1st January 1999 – 31st December 2011

Title: E-HEALTH - Health across the border
Program: INTEREG (Cross-border Cooperation Slovenia - Italy 2007 - 2013)
Activities / outputs: The goal of the  project E-health is to improve the quality of life through coordinated development of health and social systems, especially the quality of life of the Italian and Slovenian patients through information and communication technology (ICT). A common a system of interconnected network is envisaged that will enable health operators to use health effective operational instruments. This may affect the development of synergies and interoperability between health systems of Slovenia and Friuli - Venezia Gulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and the networking of the entire area of health structures by using ICT.

Basis on expert analysis of the current situation, suitable equipment will be purchased and network interlinked database will be designed. An introduction of digital cross bilingual clinical records and the computerization of health structures is also envisaged, which will increase mobility and provide traceability of the patient.

Planned activities will include telemedicine, tele-consultations and professional and language training, technical and organizational activities, educational activities, administrative and legal activities, as well as information and communication activities to promote the project.

Expected results: a coherent approach to cross-border activities between the health structures in the electronic health, health management computerization of patient data, digital patient tracking in hospital and ambulatory with the resulting increase in security (prevention of human error), an accurate overview of patient flow and demand analysis, standardized computerization of health structures in the cross-border context, access to health services in  less accessible areas (tele-consultations), a bilingual medical staff, equipped with more information to improve quality of life of patients.
Project duration: 1st May 2010 – 30th April 2013

Title: IDO PRIMORSKA Improving the working environment in key sectors of the Coastal and Karst regions
Programme: EU Structural Funds
Activities / outputs: Improving the working environment in key sectors of the Coastal and Karst regions of Slovenia will be done by the assessment of the enterprises, followed by workshops and training for their employees.

Project duration: 18th March 2010 – 31st December 2012

Title: Health for me (e-content)
Programme: EU Structural Funds
Activities / outputs: Establishment of a common health information system  in Slovenia.
Project duration: 1st July 2009 – 18th October 2010

Title: CLASS Cloud Assisted Service, the Service supported by cloud computing
Programme: EU Structural Funds
Activities / outputs: Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing areas in the ICT sector and one of the most important areas of network systems. The main objective of the program is to develop services and products in the field of cloud computing.
More on:
Project duration: 2010-2013

Program: INTERREG (Cross-border Cooperation Slovenia - Italy 2007 - 2013)
Activities / outputs: The project encourages the development of strategies and / or joint plans for preventing and reducing environmental risk in the industry and harbor areas of Ravenna, Chioggia, Venice, Monfalcone, Nogara, Trieste and Koper. It also encourages the harmonization of systems and methods for protecting the environment by using ports in the northern Adriatic. The project envisages the following activities (which, as determined at the preparatory meetings, are also the common needs of collaborating parties):

  1. establishment of guidelinesfor emergency management in ports;
  2. completionof the conceptual and diffusive sampler emissions in the port area;
  3. examination of the impact ofpollutants spill into the sea and establishment of uniform procedures for action;
  4. development ofcommon methods for collecting, codifying and analyzing data on accidents at work;
  5. risk analyses in the transport of dangerous goods at the port.

Project duration: 2011-2013

Past projects

Title: Development of mobile eye safe LIDAR control of air pollution
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: applied research project where we are developing a portable, eye safe LIDAR, which detects the current pollution in a given area (reflected rays in a cloud of dust particles) and the source of pollution in a given time
Project duration: 1st July 2004 – 30th June 2007

Title: Gravity and the unity of spins and charges
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The project proposes further development of (the original) proposal of the unified theory of spins and charges in the space of anti-commuting coordinates, differential forms or Clifford objects. The project stands a realistic chance to provide answers to some open questions in Standard models of elementary particles in physics and cosmology.
Project duration: 1st July 2004 – 30th June 2007

Title: Key aspectsof successful development of tourist destinations - the identification of tourist destinations and basicthematic products with the analysisof the management of tourist destinations (CRP)
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The project objectives were: to develop and test the methodological tools in analyzing  the development of tourist destination management.
Project duration: 1st October 2006 – 31st March 2008

Title:  Research on the possibilities of optimization of road transport in terms of transport history
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The research coveredthe review of the possibilities of optimization of the road transport in terms of history and the deterioration of transport infrastructure from natural and other disasters.
Project duration: 1st June 2006 – 31st May 2008

Title: The significance ofthe Port of Koper in providing logistic support to Slovenian Army and allies
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The frame of the project we developed software components for logistics procedures for carrying cargo.
Project duration: 1st June 2006 – 31st May 2008

Title: Screening, the systematic detection and holistic treatment of depression in Slovenia (CRP)
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence rates of depressive disorders in primary health care level, to define an optimal tool for screening and the screening method, to evaluate the effectiveness of screening with a screening tool compared to the detection of depression without measurement tools and to evaluate staff and organizational needs for implementation.
Project duration: 1st October 2006 – 30th September 2008

Title: Knowledge Centre for e-learning and multimedia convergence (CRP)
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The main result of the project is the development of the  web application, "Online Educational TV" - a modern educational video site that enables  downloading and editing of  video educational contents, as well as saving and download for later use in the educational process. The main research and development achievement is the implementation of additional functionalities that emphasize the educational component of the video portal.
Project duration: 1st October 2006 – 30th September 2008

Title:  Terwilliger algebra of Q-polynomial distance regular graphs, Leonard pairs and Leonard triples (Postdoctoral Research Project)

Program: Slovenian Research Agency

Activities / outputs: The project deals with combinatorial objects, which are known as graphs. The concept of the graph is very useful because many mathematical (and other) relationships can be easily described with by concept of connectedness.
Project duration: 1st January 2007 – 31st December 2008

Title: Light cryptographic services for security, privacy and trust - LAKS
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs:
The project aims to bridge the gap in the development of lightweight security services and methods to optimize existing services to ensure the security, privacy, trust and support. New methodologies will be developed to support the trust, which will be based on appropriate modelling that will suite and support the user, what is becoming of crucial importance.
Project duration: 1st January 2007 – 31st December 2009

Title: E-Depression: a way of improving care for people with depressive disorder (Applied Research Project)
Program: Slovenian Research Agency
Activities / outputs: The goal of our research is to determine if e-health technologies can help improve the standard (unsatisfactory performance) through improved care of depressed individuals, more effective allocation of scarce resources and, ultimately, through the empowerment of patients.
Duration of Project: 1st January 2007 – 31st December 2009