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The research work on UP IAM takes place on four departments: Department of Information Science and Technology, Department of Mathematics, Department of Technology and the Department of Health Study.

The Department of Information Science and Technology conducts research in data structures, data mining and large distributed grid architectures, and others. The Department of Mathematics is primarily pursuing research in algebra, combinatorics and graph theory with probability theory. The research work is connected with mathematical modeling and computer simulations, experimental economics and social systems research. On the departments takes place computing sciences from chemistry to bioinformatics. In addition to these topics, students can learn different areas of electronic data security - cryptography, data protection and computer security.

At IAM profession is interdisciplinary and at the forefront. An example of such research, is the research in the field of systems engineering and logistics, from the production programs to simulating traffic (for example, in the city of Koper), where they meet researchers from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science with the researchers from Technology Department. Protecting the environment and the technology associated with it, is namely the core activity of the Department of Technology. The Department cooperates well with the economy and the different Slovenian institutes. The main emphasis is on the practical development-oriented research. Students are invited to include a variety of ways in the research work conducted in the department. They can help in performing measurements with our measuring instruments, in-situ measurement of air pollution with the latest technologies, in the manufacture of software support for analysis and display of measurement results of measuring air pollution, when upgrading a software to support the implementation of the LIDAR measurements system, the mathematical- statistical modeling to solve various logistical problems, combinatorial problems, etc.

Examining the environmental impact and later the impact on human health is another example of interdisciplinary work at UP IAM. Here meet researchers from the Department of Technology and from the Department of Health Study. The department conducts researches in the field of mental health and the so-called e-health. The research group is currently dedicating the most part of their time, to an innovative project called "E-depression", where the conventional treatment of depressive disorders support is combined with the continuous support and advice to the doctor and to the patient via a web portal – another example of interdisciplinary work at UP IAM. Students may also participate in other topics: interplay between mental and physical health, suicidal thoughts and behavior, attitudes regarding mental health, stigma related to mental health, etc.

Research programs
01/01/2009 UP IAM began with the implementation of three research programs: "Algebra, Discrete mathematics, Probability theory and Game theory," in which UP IAM is a carrier, but as a partner it participates in the "Intensive computer methods in theoretical computer science, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorial optimization and Numerical analysis and algebra, using natural sciences and social sciences "and in the program" Metrology and biometric systems.« All three programs will continue in 2010.

Core Projects
UP IAM is a fundamental institution of the project "The problem of existence of half regular elements in closed transitive groups with an application to spot transitive groups", which will continue in 2010 and is a partner in the project "Lightweight cryptographic services for the management of security, privacy and trust" which will end 12/31/2009. In 2010 we plan to acquire three new core projects - two as carriers and one as a partner.

Applied projects
For the Public Agency for Research of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Health  we carry out the Application Project "E-Depression: a way of improving care for people with depressive disorder," which will run until 30/06/2010. In 2010 we will reported a project in the field of Applied Mathematics.

Postdoctoral projects
In 2010 we are planning two post-doctoral project.

The number of CRPs
In 2010 we plan to obtain a CRP project.

The number of scientific meetings / conferences
In 2009, Primorska Institute of Natural Sciences and Technology Koper helped to organize two scientific conferences; one was the mathematical algebraic combinatorics conference on the Adriatic coast IV and in the other was The Third Conference on Mini Theoretical Computer Science, which was held on 14 and 15 October 2009. He prepared a scientific meeting to address the junction of science and social sciences, which hosted a judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Professor. dr. Sebastian M. Zupančič, which was carried out at the celebration day of the University.
In the first week of August 2010, we plan to hold an international scientific conference Symmetries of Graphs and Networks II, which will be held on Rogla. Another international conference is planned in cooperation with UP FAMNIT, namely a conference of computer science. Center for Science and related development (POZNAR) at UP IAM plans a scientific conference with international participation on constitutional law.

Number of other projects
UP IAM successfully cooperates with business representatives and other users of knowledge, both at local and national level. At the local level, we conducted measurements of air pollution for the Port of Koper d.d.; the Koper Municipality maintains and regularly updates information on the state of the environment. For Telekom Slovenia in 2009, we completed the project in the field of Grid technology.
In 2009, we conducted a project in computer science for the University Development Center and Incubator of Primorska (UIP). Through public tender, the Institute has acquired various projects, either as a carrier or as a partner. As a partner we participated in the project "Automatic measurement of vessel and Logistics", which was financed by the Slovenian Technology Agency. We were also a partner in the project "Health for me ', which is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and the European Structural Funds.
In 2010 we plan to finance five projects with industry and other knowledge users.