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torek, 14. januar 2014, 11:41

Prof. dr. Dragan Stevanović je član uredniškega odbora revije Linear Algebra and its Applications

Prof. dr. Dragan Stevanović, raziskovalec na UP IAM in profesor na UP FAMNIT, je s 1. januarjem 2014 postal član uredniškega odbora matematične revije Linear Algebra and its Applications, uvrščene na seznam SCI revij.

Prof. dr. Stevanoviću za velik uspeh iskreno čestitamo in mu želimo veliko uredniških uspehov!




Linear Algebra and its Applications publishes articles that contribute new information or new insights to matrix theory and finite dimensional linear algebra in their algebraic, arithmetic, combinatorial, geometric, or numerical aspects. It also publishes articles that give significant applications of matrix theory or linear algebra to other branches of mathematics and to other sciences. Articles that provide new information or perspectives on the historical development of matrix theory and linear algebra are also welcome. Expository articles which can serve as an introduction to a subject for workers in related areas and which bring one to the frontiers of research are encouraged. Reviews of books are published occasionally as are conference reports that provide an historical record of major meetings on matrix theory and linear algebra.