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četrtek, 16. januar 2014, 09:33

Wellcome to 5th Triple I Conference! / Vabljeni na 5. Triple I konferenco!

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th TRIPLE i Conference: Intuition, Imagination and Innovation in Suicidology, which is an international annual conference. 


The programme includes topics of suicide research and clinical work with suicidal patients and addresses the existing difficulties in these fields. Eight speakers will have more time than in usual conferences to present their experiences. The small size of the conference allows us to create a friendly environment for fruitful discussions between distinguished experts and young and perspective suicidologists or other eager professionals in the field.


Students, professionals, scholars, practitioners or others interested in the topic of suicidal behaviours from different fields and different parts of the world are invited to join the conference.


You will find all further information on the conference at our web page and it is already possible to register online using the following registration form


Let the TRIPLE i be the opportunity to express and practice your intuition, imagination and innovative ideas in suicidology!


Warm welcome!

Prijazno vabljeni!