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Core Projects
UP PINT is a fundamental institution of the project "The problem of existence of half regular elements in closed transitive groups with an application to spot transitive groups", which will continue in 2010 and is a partner in the project "Lightweight cryptographic services for the management of security, privacy and trust" which will end 12/31/2009. In 2010 we plan to acquire three new core projects - two as carriers and one as a partner.

Applied projects
For the Public Agency for Research of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Health  we carry out the Application Project "E-Depression: a way of improving care for people with depressive disorder," which will run until 30/06/2010. In 2010 we will reported a project in the field of Applied Mathematics...

Postdoctoral projects
In 2010 we are planning two post-doctoral project.

The number of CRPs
In 2010 we plan to obtain a CRP project.

Number of other projects
UP PINT successfully cooperates with business representatives and other users of knowledge, both at local and national level. At the local level, we conducted measurements of air pollution for the Port of Koper d.d.; the Koper Municipality maintains and regularly updates information on the state of the environment. For Telekom Slovenia in 2009, we completed the project in the field of Grid technology.
In 2009, we conducted a project in computer science for the University Development Center and Incubator of Primorska (UIP. Through public tender, the Institute has acquired various projects, either as a carrier or as a partner. As a partner we participated in the project "Automatic measurement of vessel and Logistics", which was financed by the Slovenian Technology Agency. We were also a partner in the project "Health for me ', which is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and the European Structural Funds.
In 2010 we plan to finance five projects with industry and other knowledge users.